Startits or is it ADHD

I had actually thought this year would be different. I would be more focused, I would be sensible, I would not waffle around or get distracted by every shiny thing in sight. But guess what! An old dog keeps doing old tricks.

This year I have the dubious distinction of having started working on something new almost every second day. To some extent I understand that this is my way of coping with disturbing news. I keep starting new projects hoping it will cheer me up and make things look less bleak. Hopefully, by and by, these starts will all get done and I will have a number of pretties to show how we power through difficult times.

A view of all the ongoing new starts.

Who else sits admires and pets their ongoing work? I feel so happy with myself as I complete each row and the pattern shows up more and more. Atleast I have stopped asking the family to come and admire what I am working on. My husband is always at a loss how I can casually rip back miles of work because I found a mistake and then rework the whole thing without losing interest. Of the plethora of things I have started this year only two have not thrown a temper tantrum. But dunkings in the frog ponds are par for the course in my case.

When it comes to crafting, this year has seen new shades of craziness (all mine!) come to the fore. I have a mountain of crochet thread all stashed away, but I cannot bring myself to use any of them. So the three thread projects I have started are all using scraps.

This pink beauty has stolen my heart, no mis-counts or redos so far🤞🤞🤞and the tiny bits of pinks have merged so beautifully into each other. I am really eager to get this one done and on display.

My first doily of the year. I really managed to mess this up the first time around and had to rip back 10 rounds. Again tiny, tiny scraps of leftovers. I just love lace, both crochet and knit, and the amount of crafting joy hidden in one tiny ball of thread never ceases to amaze me.

These are samples I’m knitting for a very good friend, Mugdha of Sunrays Creations. These blocks will come together to make a lovely cabled throw. I am showing the reverse of the work as the blocks are yet to be released. You can check out her website for the ones that have been tested and are available for purchase.

This was a major heartbreak moment for me. I ordered 2ply laceweight cotton specifically from YarnKart to make the stunning Mandala Madness by Helen Shrimpton. But when I started working, I realised that the yarn for three of the colours is quite a bit thinner. So will have to restart and also figure out an alternative use for the thinner yarns.

Weekend Mandala

I was browsing through crochet blogs when I came across this beauty by Life Style By Ella and couldn’t resist trying out some lovely 6 ply cake yarn I had ordered from Yes Papa Handmades. The yarn is a soft, buttery acrylic – cotton blend and a delight to work with. Thrilled with how it’s working up.

Just when I was thinking no more new projects, I came across this beauty by the very talented K.A.M.E Crochet. All the in progress pictures of Anna’s Tales are so beautiful. So I have decided that it’s ok to give in to temptation. I am yet to zero in on the yarn I would like to use for this pattern. So there’s some serious stash diving on the cards planned for the afternoon.

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